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cover of USAFasin: B00001IVB6
binding: CD-ROM

Jane's Combat Simulations continues their tradition of highly detailed air combat simulators with USAF--United States Air Force. USAF strikes a welcome balance between dogfighting action and precise realism by allowing players to customize gameplay settings such as artificial intelligence levels and difficulty of landings, aiming, and targeting. You'll first notice, especially if you're new to the air combat simulation genre, the beefy manual packed with information for both beginners, such as explanations on the basics of flight, and hardcore flight enthusiasts, such as pages of historical information about the U.S. Air Force and its operations. Thankfully there's as much depth in the game as found in the manual--USAF offers computer pilots over 60 missions. Computer pilots can select to fly through the training missions, engage a pre-scripted single mission, begin a full campaign game, create and fly a customized mission, or compete with others on Jane's online multiplayer service. Eight flyable aircraft, including the A-10, F-15, F-16, F-117, and MiG-29, are offered. The visual effects impress, but require a powerful computer (and a Direct 3D accelerator) to maximize terrain and plane detail. Whether you're new to air combat sims or a veteran, USAF's diverse missions, plentiful options, and mix of action and realism provide hours of flight and combat enjoyment. --Doug Radcliffe