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All Military and Ex-Military personnel and Anyone Soldier-friendly- individuals, businesses or organizations, etc., can join SoldierCentric!

If you want to do any of the following:

  • COUNTER THE INCESSANT NEGATIVE NEWS and false impressions by the mainstream media and those in Congress by reporting first-hand YOUR positive news or your records of victory from Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere around the world through blogs, photos, videos, personal profile - the victories that the press and many in Congress willfully ignore; while you are fighting over there, help us fight for you over here
  • SEND EMAILS or write blogs directly to or in support of your troops who are sacrificing for you
  • HONOR your military accomplishment or those of others
  • FIND and connect with current or former military buddies, or other soldiers
  • PAY YOUR RESPECT to a loved one or a buddy who has passed
  • CREATE A MEMORIAL to honor the military service of those who have passed - family, friend, employee, loved one or ancestor
  • NEVER LET US FORGET the accomplishment of those few who have done so much for so many by helping us to preserve these pieces of history for the ages
  • HONOR SOMEONE who your company, organization, museum or society is connected to in some way such as an employee, an historical figure, a VFW member, etc.
  • ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS FOR FREE by adding your business to our Soldier-Friendly Business listing.

...then ENLIST WITH SC NOW please select the statement which applies to you: