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What is the purpose of the military blogs?

Of course, the blogs are here for you to write whatever you wish to write or comment upon. However, one of our primary goals is to have those interested current and ex-military members of the Coalition to take the mantle of a reporter and tell and show the world the story that is not being reported or is being underreported by the mainstream press and media – your successes! We at SC along with a significant portion of the public have been angered by this willful suppression of your records of victory. We have heard all their excuses, but we know that the real reason plain and simple is their anti-military agenda. What better way to counter this suppression of the truth and their attempts to minimize and deprecate your service than by having you also serve as journalists? Who is more qualified to act as a real reporter? Now SC wants to work with you to give you the outlet - a single place - in which all soldiers can utilize the power of the press to report the positive stories, publish those photos and videos that demonstrate the success of your efforts. Whether it is a video or photos of you playing games with Iraqi or Afghani children, showing you building roads or hospitals, schools or infrastructure, battles, operations, etc., you have the outlet to have these seen in SC.