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What Is Soldiercentric About And Who Is It For?

Military. SC is foremost a military community, community-driven website where you – current US/Coalition or former US armed forces personnel - can finally report your story, positive news, records of victory accomplishments, through blogs, reports, photos, videos personal and your personal military profile page. Whether about any current or past war, conflict, operation, whether at peace or in wartime, SC is your website. And whether you have been in combat or not, SC wants you to register and preserve your story. Members of non-US, non-coalition military forces can also join and preserve your story. Connect with a buddy; find lost buddies, network with military personnel from other countries, email, report the news that isn’t getting out.

Civilians. For the soldier-friendly civilian, SC is the site geared for you! Whether you want to be able to express your appreciation and support to current and former armed forces personnel in a variety of ways, to discover and keep up with the real news stories, photos and videos right from the troops, or if you simply wish only to create a memorial to a loved one who has passed or an ancestor. This is the site to be where YOU can directly let your armed service forces know that you support them and thank them, through your own blogs, donations, purchases or emails. If you are tired and disgusted with most of the mainstream media’s inaccurate, unfair and negatively biased reporting and misrepresentation of the current conflict, then SC is the place for you to read the real news coming out of any conflict right from the source – the troops who are there!

Businesses. For businesses or organizations that support the troops or have or had one or more employees serving in the US armed forces, you can simply join to express your support through your own blogs, donations, advertising or simply by registering. You can also create a memorial from your company for one of your employees or business associates that have passed whether having fallen while serving in their country’s armed forces or as a veteran.

Groups. If you are an historical society, group, museum, etc. who wishes to support the troops in general or one in particular... or to create a memorial for one of your employees or members that have passed while serving their country or as a veteran... or wish to preserve the military record or story of a historical figure, member or employee, please join the SoldierCentric community!