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What and who is PayPal and why does SC use it?

PayPal is an Ebay company. PayPal was originally set up to make financial transactions on Ebay fast, simple, safe and secure between you, the shopper, and the seller/store with which you are doing business. It was so successful that PayPal expanded to transactions beyond Ebay and now many businesses use PayPal's services. The really cool thing about PayPal for you, the shopper or donor, is that all your financial information – credit card numbers, security codes, etc., stay only with PayPal! To coin a phrase….What goes on to PayPal stays with PayPal. That means that your financial information not only does not come to us, but we have no way of finding it out. All we get from PayPal is the money, your name and your email address. Without PayPal your financial information would be shared between the company we would hire to take care of our financial transactions as well as us. The next cool thing is that to use PayPal, you are not required to have a PayPal account. Almost anyone can pay using PayPal – simply follow the instructions. Like all financial service companies, all transaction fees are paid by us, the vendor, which is standard and is part of our cost in doing business.