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About SoldierCentric (SC)

Military. SC is foremost a military community, community-driven website where you – current US/Coalition or former US armed forces personnel - can finally report your story, positive news, records of victory accomplishments, through blogs, reports, photos, videos personal and your personal military profile page. Whether about any current or past war, conflict, operation, whether at peace or in wartime, SC is your website. And whether you have been in combat or not, SC wants you to register and preserve your story. Members of non-US, non-coalition military forces can also join and preserve your story. Connect with a buddy; find lost buddies, network with military personnel from other countries, email, report the news that isn’t getting out.

Civilians. For the soldier-friendly civilian, SC is the site geared for you! Whether you want to be able to express your appreciation and support to current and former armed forces personnel in a variety of ways, to discover and keep up with the real news stories, photos and videos right from the troops, or if you simply wish only to create a memorial to a loved one who has passed or an ancestor. This is the site to be where YOU can directly let your armed service forces know that you support them and thank them, through your own blogs, donations, purchases or emails. If you are tired and disgusted with most of the mainstream media’s inaccurate, unfair and negatively biased reporting and misrepresentation of the current conflict, then SC is the place for you to read the real news coming out of any conflict right from the source – the troops who are there!

Businesses. For businesses or organizations that support the troops or have or had one or more employees serving in the US armed forces, you can simply join to express your support through your own blogs, donations, advertising or simply by registering. You can also create a memorial from your company for one of your employees or business associates that have passed whether having fallen while serving in their country’s armed forces or as a veteran.

Groups. If you are an historical society, group, museum, etc. who wishes to support the troops in general or one in particular... or to create a memorial for one of your employees or members that have passed while serving their country or as a veteran... or wish to preserve the military record or story of a historical figure, member or employee, please join the SoldierCentric community!

SC Beta-Release

A ‘Beta-Release’ is a 'pre-official' release version. During this time a limited number of individuals can register on this site as ‘Beta-Testers’ to help us test and debug the site. When the site graduates from Beta status, all your data (profiles, photos, blogs, etc.) will automatically be on the 'official release'. At all times, your constructive comments are appreciated and you will be an integral part of helping this site to grow. The website is still under construction as we work to complete or bring online more features, so you will run into pages or features that do not work as yet.

All your profiles, blogs, uploads, etc. will automatically be migrated to the official site when the Beta-Release period is over. You will not even notice the change.

SC WANTS YOU!! At this time, prior to our official release, SC welcomes all of you - civilians, military, veterans, organizations, clubs, businesses - who like this site to be a part of it. We want and need you right now to become an active member by: registering, creating your profile, uploading your photos, videos, writing blogs, etc., and helping us grow and to make this new site the best it can be! We want all of you to join the SC Squad and help us in our mission to leave no armed forces member or veteran behind.


SC will never sell, rent or provide your information to a third party and are used solely by SoldierCentric. We do not spam!

Active Duty Roster

This is simply a list of anyone who has made a financial contribution or purchase on the SC site. When you make a minimum $15 purchase through our site and/or a $5 minimum donation you will have the opportunity to be listed on this page. It is completely optional and up to you to be listed here. You can select which information you wish to be made public - you will be able to select several choices for anonymity if you choose to be listed. This will show the troops, those against the mission, your Congressmen and everyone else visiting this site that you do support the troops and their mission.

Contact SC
Please feel free to contact us via email about any problems or comments you might have with this site, shopping, donating, reporting abuse, etc. However, please browse through this FAQ section first to see if any questions you might have are answered here. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ page, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page to find the proper channel of contact for your needs.

The troops, veterans and SC need your help. Yes, the government pays our armed forces a wage for their service. A paid wage does not mean it absolves us from further obligation! We believe that our armed forces and veterans do deserve more on a personal level from us. We have a responsibility to give back even in a small way to those few that have risked so much for so many. Why? Because they have blessed us so that we can take for granted our rights, our security and our prosperity – and that the top military power in the world doesn't threaten or terrorize its own citizenry. How many countries have the privilege of saying this about its own military? And, yes this is a "free" site, but there is no such thing as a "free" lunch, and we cannot survive on good will alone. If you think this is a cool, effective site and want to help us grow and keep SoldierCentric.com on duty or you simply want to support troop charities, then your financial support is needed. Remember whether you agree with the politics of the current mission or not, you can still support the troops.

No. You can donate whatever dollar amount you wish. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Remember, a raindrop by itself may not do much but enough of them can cause a flood. And remember, we use PayPal (read about PayPal in the FAQ below) for all your financial transactions made through this site so your transaction is extremely safe and secure.

SC will donate the proceeds that are raised on this site through purchases, donations, etc. (less our administrative costs), to authentic troop charities. The charities that we will donate to will be posted, and may change periodically. We have selected a group of charities and will be polling the troops and vets to decide which of the charities they prefer to donate. Please be assured that neither SC nor the SC squad have any personal financial interest in any charity we donate to.

You have several means by which you can make a donation and/or support the troops and SoldierCentric:

  • You have several means by which you can make a donation and/or support the troops and SoldierCentric:
  • On-line by clicking here (donations) to pay through PayPal using your credit cards or transferring funds through your PayPal account,
  • Mailing your donation (check or money order) to (Donations, Soldiercentric; PO Box 41171; Tucson, AZ 85717),
  • Calling us at 1-866-SOLDIER (1-866-765-3437) and say "I want to make a donation",
  • Purchasing one of our awesome products at our SC online store,
  • Finding one of our really great Amazon book selections located here and click on the book's link and make your purchase through our site,
  • Clicking on one of the ads on this site,
  • Letting our advertiser's, businesses and organizations on our site know you found out about them or saw their ad on SoldierCentric and letting them know you appreciate their support of the troops and SoldierCentric!!

But just by registering and sending your message(s) of support to the troops through our site is a great way to show your support to the troops and to SC!

Anyone who makes a donation on this site has a spot on the donation form where they can indicate that their donation go towards a troop charity in the country they specify.


PayPal is an Ebay company. PayPal was originally set up to make financial transactions on Ebay fast, simple, safe and secure between you, the shopper, and the seller/store with which you are doing business. It was so successful that PayPal expanded to transactions beyond Ebay and now many businesses use PayPal's services. The really cool thing about PayPal for you, the shopper or donor, is that all your financial information – credit card numbers, security codes, etc., stay only with PayPal! To coin a phrase….What goes on to PayPal stays with PayPal. That means that your financial information not only does not come to us, but we have no way of finding it out. All we get from PayPal is the money, your name and your email address. Without PayPal your financial information would be shared between the company we would hire to take care of our financial transactions as well as us. The next cool thing is that to use PayPal, you are not required to have a PayPal account. Almost anyone can pay using PayPal – simply follow the instructions. Like all financial service companies, all transaction fees are paid by us, the vendor, which is standard and is part of our cost in doing business.

  • Honor your accomplishment and/or those of others
  • If you are or have been on duty in Iraq or Afghanistan as part of coalition forces, this site gives you and all coalition soldiers the opportunity report your records of victory - the victories that the press willfully ignores
  • Allows former military buddies and old friends to find you and get a hold of you
  • Allows for former military buddies and old friends to pay their respect to your loved one who has passed.
  • You are a part of history; you are preserving a piece of history whether it is just for you and your family or for all of us! Your story today is our history tomorrow!

Yes, you can create and we want you to create a memorial about someone in this case as long as you directly know or were related to them and they are not considered as part of a terrorist force. Any profiles, memorials, materials, etc., that are or strongly suspected to be by, for or in support of terrorists or are fictitious in nature will be suspended or removed and deleted at our discretion.

SC definitely wants you to create a memorial tribute to someone your business is connected with in some way, for example, past employees, individuals you do business with or members of your organization to name a few. If you are an historical society, group, museum, etc. and you have any historical figures that were in military service and are a part of your study, preservation, record, etc., and you wish to preserve their record, SC would very much like you to tell us about them by creating a memorial for them.

Yes, you can create a memorial for anyone that meets the qualifications as listed above. Their country of service is not limited to your country of residence or citizenship.

No, you can create any number of memorials as long as the memorial and individual fit the requirements as described above.

Military Registrations

This is a military-community site and is open for all current military members and veterans, who are/were either a member of the US military or any other countries’ military, or even if your sole service was being a part of a resistance or partisan force (i.e., French resistance WWII, for example, but not a terrorist). Remember it is a violation of the US Federal law and most/all foreign countries’ laws to impersonate a military member or falsify a military record whether well-meaning or for malicious reasons. The US federal government aggressively pursues and prosecutes violators.

ALL military personnel may register and create a profile on this site – US or international. This site is currently and primarily geared to US forces, however, there are many questions and fields that can be answered by individuals from other countries. We are planning to release some foreign versions of the site that will be more tailored to a particular country or region and have more language options. Anyone who served or a relative served as a partisan/resistance fighter can register and create a profile and write their story. Individuals who are not allowed to register on this site as military or veterans are: terrorists or current enemy combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you are currently in ROTC and have signed a contract and are a cadet, then you can register here as a military member. If you are currently in ROTC but you have not yet signed a contract, then you are not in the military and can only register as a civilian.

SC would like this to be an open forum for all US and coalition military members and to talk/blog about most anything you wish. And reports from contractors gives another non-military perspective of the successes of the coalition in Afghanistan and Iraq or other countries where US forces are present. However, with regard to war experiences and reports, there is enough reporting of negative, can’t do, are not doing attitudes. The evidence and results indicate otherwise, so please report the truth we are not getting in the mainstream press and on TV.

Military Blogs

Of course, the blogs are here for you to write whatever you wish to write or comment upon. However, one of our primary goals is to have those interested current and ex-military members of the Coalition to take the mantle of a reporter and tell and show the world the story that is not being reported or is being underreported by the mainstream press and media – your successes! We at SC along with a significant portion of the public have been angered by this willful suppression of your records of victory. We have heard all their excuses, but we know that the real reason plain and simple is their anti-military agenda. What better way to counter this suppression of the truth and their attempts to minimize and deprecate your service than by having you also serve as journalists? Who is more qualified to act as a real reporter? Now SC wants to work with you to give you the outlet - a single place - in which all soldiers can utilize the power of the press to report the positive stories, publish those photos and videos that demonstrate the success of your efforts. Whether it is a video or photos of you playing games with Iraqi or Afghani children, showing you building roads or hospitals, schools or infrastructure, battles, operations, etc., you have the outlet to have these seen in SC.

Yes! Those individuals that submit blogs or records reporting from the war zones or about the military or its’ members on this website must abide by OPSEC rules and regulations. Additionally, we want to see and read about the positive news that the press fails to report. Of course, we know that it is not a bed of roses over there and that there are a lot of negative things going on. If we feel that a report is demeaning or deprecates the soldier, the mission, etc., it will be yanked. However, if a soldier comments upon a changing a negative situation, etc., that can ultimately improve the mission or help the soldier, then we welcome it at SC.

SC Etiquette

Above all do not talk about killing! Do not ask if they have killed anyone or how they feel about killing people, being killed or having friends killed. This is really not cool. If behavior of this type is consistent by any registrant, and is reported as abuse, we will terminate your membership on this site. Asking if a soldier has been in combat and generalities about combat is ok. The best rule for you is if they ever want to share things like that, leave it up to them. They would probably like to escape their world for the time being and may like to talk about everyday non-military stuff. They will tell you if they need to. Remember this is about them and not you. You should also read through the OPSEC regs (below) and keep in mind the restrictions as to what military members and their families cannot talk about so you do not ask anything that is militarily confidential. Other than that, these are ordinary people in extraordinary conditions who are asked to do extraordinary things, so keep that in mind. They are going through things that you should be thankful you do not have to and that they are doing it for you and all of us. Be as respectful to them as you would a friend or family member. And remember, these individuals get enough grief and have enough hardship simply from doing what they are doing, don’t add to it by badgering them with antagonistic political or social viewpoints.


OPSEC stands for ‘operational security’ and the military asks that all soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen [and their families] practice "Continuous OPSEC" (Operation Security). Read OPSEC here.


Yes and no. Civilian profiles are not visible on a profile page as are military profiles. However, your profile is potentially visible to anyone who has your username. So, if you have written a blog, uploaded a photo or written a message to anyone, they can simply click on your username and your profile will be seen. Additionally, if someone knows your username, they can search for your profile by using a username whether its – military, civilian or organization/business. And once your profile has been found, that person can add you to their favorites, email you, etc.

If you want yourself ‘seen’, this leaves you a bit of work and responsibility. Your profile is only visible and can only be saved if your username is seen and known and then someone decides to click on you to view your profile. Your username and profile can get seen by anyone if they have your username, see your blogs or commentaries, etc., on this site and then click on you, or if you message anyone.

SC decided to make this site all about the soldier. At this point in time in order to effectuate this, we thought it best to have only military profiles openly listed and visible. This way the site is all about them and not you or you and them. You can find out about individual’s military stories, read what your troops have to say and report, contact and support them by messages, blogs or donations either directly or indirectly. And anyone can message you as well. However, you do have availability to write blogs and have anyone read your blogs, message anyone military or non-military, write blog commentaries, and have your profile viewed if they click on your username or search specifically for your username. (see FAQ Are civilian profiles visible?, above)

Any nationality can register as a civilian at SC and then you can create a memorial in their honor.