Q: Why donate money, buy from our advertisers, purchase merchandise on or through this site?
A: The troops, veterans and SC need your help. Yes, the government pays our armed forces a wage for their service. A paid wage does not mean it absolves us from further obligation! We believe that our armed forces and veterans do deserve more on a personal level from us. We have a responsibility to give back even in a small way to those few that have risked so much for so many. Why? Because they have blessed us so that we can take for granted our rights, our security and our prosperity – and that the top military power in the world doesn't threaten or terrorize its own citizenry. How many countries have the privilege of saying this about its own military? And, yes this is a "free" site, but there is no such thing as a "free" lunch, and we cannot survive on good will alone. If you think this is a cool, effective site and want to help us grow and keep SoldierCentric.com on duty or you simply want to support troop charities, then your financial support is needed. Remember whether you agree with the politics of the current mission or not, you can still support the troops.
Q: Is there a minimum donation?
A: No. You can donate easily whatever dollar amount you wish. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Remember, a raindrop by itself may not do much but enough of them can cause a flood. And remember, we use PayPal for all your financial transactions made through this site so your transaction is extremely safe and secure.
Q: Where does my donation/support go?
A: SC will donate the proceeds that are raised on this site through purchases, donations, etc. (less our administrative costs), to authentic troop charities. The charities that we will donate to will be posted, and may change periodically. Please be assured that neither SC nor the SC squad have any personal financial interest in any charity we donate to.
Q: How do I donate or give my support?
A: You have several means by which you can make a donation and/or support the troops and SoldierCentric: However, just by registering, and sending your message(s) of support to the troops through our site is a great way to show your support to the troops and to SC!
Q: What if I want my donation to go to a military charity to a country other than the US?
A: Anyone who makes a donation on this site has a spot on the donation form where they can indicate that their donation go towards a troop charity in the country they specify.
Q: What is the SC "They Support Me Active Duty Roster" and how do I get listed on this page?
A: This is simply a list of anyone who has made a financial contribution or purchase on the SC site. When you make a minimum $15 purchase through our site and/or a $5 minimum donation you will have the opportunity to be listed on this page. It is completely optional and up to you to be listed here. You can select which information you wish to be made public - you will be able to select several choices for anonymity if you choose to be listed. This will show the troops, those against the mission, your Congressmen and everyone else visiting this site that you do support the troops and their mission
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