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'Seeing Combat'

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'....I saw that you were in the Army during the Vietnam War. Did you see any combat?'

'Did I SEE any combat? Yes, I saw combat. I was in the middle of combat, too. I was even under it. Why do people always ask, did you SEE combat, like it was a goddamn movie they took you to over there?'

..........Harry Bosch, 'The Last Coyote' by Michael Connelly


hey nick,

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I just read your "faq".... , and I very much hope that you're living up to your standards and that you're not getting spoiled by the success of this site (....as I predict it to be immense !!).



congratulations !!!

Blog topic:Other civilian topics

after all the hassle, finally your site is up and running !!! I am glad for you and I am sure it will mount to a huge success, not only for you, but for all of us.
thx, opo